K-Drama Review: Itaewon Class (2020)

Sunday, July 19, 2020

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Title: Itaewon Class
Genre: Drama, Romance
Number of episode: 16 episodes
Director: Kim Sung-Yoon
Script writer: Jin Gwang
Stars: Park Seo-joon, Kim Da-mi, Yoo Jae-myung, Nara, Ahn Bo-Hyun, and more
Available on Netflix

Park Saeroyi's life has been turned upside down after he gets expelled from school for punching a bully and his father is killed in an accident. Following his father's steps, he opens a pub named "DanBam" in Itaewon and, along with his manager and staff, strive towards success and reaching greater heights.


After watching SKY Castle, I interest to watch another K-Drama. Then, my choice fell to Itaewon Class. 

To be honest, I don't have any knowledge about this drama. I've just known that V from BTS composed a song to be this drama's OST.

One thing that made me interest to watch it because what Itano said. The story of Itaewon Class somehow has a similar vibe to Pinocchio. Therefore, I decided to bing-watching this drama.

The Story

The story begin when Pak Sae Ro Yi (Park Seo-joon) attending his new high school. Couldn't stand with Jang Geun Won's (Bo-Hyun Ahn) bullying act, Sae Ro Yin punch Geun Won and made him got into trouble.

Geun Won's father, Jang Dae Hee (Yoo Jae-myung), is the CEO of Jangga Co., the famous restaurant business in Korea. The twist is, Sae Ro Yi's father work there. So, when Sae Ro Yi got a problem at school, his father happened to come immediately with Dae Hee.

Dae Hee automatically demands Sae Ro Yi to apologizes to Geun Won for what he did, but Sae Ro Yi refuses. Because of his refusal, Sae Ro Yi got expelled from school and his father decided to resign from his job.

When everything seems so right, an accident takes place. Sae Ro Yi's father dies in motorcycle accident cause by Geun Won. Burning with anger, Sae Ro Yi came to Geun Won and viciously beats him. Then, Sae Ro Yi got arrested and has to spent time in prison. Since then, Sae Ro Yi decides to destroy Jangga Co., and take a revenge to Dae Hee and Geun Won.

This revenge begin with the effort of Sae Ro Yi to open a restaurant at Itaewon. Jo Yi Seo, who is an influencer, joins with Sae Ro Yi's restaurant to be a manager. Beside that, there's Ma Hyun Yi (Lee Joo-Young) as the cook, Choi Seung Kwon (Ryu Kyung-Soo) as the waiter, Jang Geun Soo (Kim Dong-Hee), who happened to be Geun Won's little brother, as the waiter, and Kim Tony (Chris Lyon), a foreigner who is very fluent in Korean as the waiter.

The dark side of Korean Business

Just as I said before, the premise of Itaewon Class is very similar to Pinocchio. Both of the main characters are taking a revenge to the person who made them suffer. It's have to be underlined that their way to take a revenge is in the neat way. Beating the enemy with their business or their journalism skill.

From Itaewon Class, we could see the dark side of Korean Business. It's about how chaebol family dominate the business in Korea, including the food company like Jangga Co. They will do everything to maintain their position. Even though it seems so scary, but their existence is very real.

I have to admit that the storyline of Itaewon Class is very interesting. When I am watching this drama, I am eager to know how Park Sae Ro Yi dragged down the Jangga Co. A lot of twist happened in this drama. Well, some of them it's very unexpected. So, the thrill to watch this drama is very high--even though not as high as Sky Castle.

The element: race diversity and gender identity

Since this K-drama is a original Netflix drama, it won't be that much surprising to raise the diversity element. From this drama, you can see there's an effort from the production team to show the diversity in Korea, such as Kim Tony who happened to be black people and Ma Hyun Yi who's transgender.

Well, this move of course have to be appreciated because not many movies or series take a bold move like this. For me, those characters are very fascinating and make this drama to be more lively.

The character: my most and less favorite

Source: Google, edited by me.

I don't know why, but I choose to stan Geun Soo for this drama. I know that he is being such an asshole in the middle, but I think he got a realization at the end. I like how Geun Soo's character develop. Even though, I want to slap him when he is using Jangga Co.'s way to win in the television show.

Then, even though Yi Seo is very unique and attractive, sometimes I wanna slap her. She is very selfish in some way. Fortunately, she is very sincere and so damn smart.

So, I could say that both of them is the mixture my most and less favorite.


If you missing a story like Pinocchio, try to watch Itaewon Class is a good choice. Moreover, the story is very neat and most of the characters are very unique.

Park Sae Ro Yi maybe is a character that you won't meet in the real life, but his spirit and ambition is very inspiring. If we say we can do it, it means we can.

8.5 out of 10 for the Dan Bam Pub.



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