TXT Universe #5 ‘Questioning Film - What do you see?’ - 태현 (TAEHYUN)

Monday, June 22, 2020

Source: YouTube/Big Hit, edited by me

Hello, everyone! 

It's been a while since the last time I wrote about TXT Universe. Well, I've got another slump in the past few months. It makes me hard to write about the last questioning film from TXT.

Yeah, finally this is the last questioning film and I can move onto the Nap of as Star's Movie.

But, let's discuss about this short film. To be fair, there's no much different between Taehyun's movie and the other member. We could only differentiate their flower, animal, and the way they hold their flower.

For Taehyun, the flower that surrounding him is a white flower with the orange bud. Then, the animal that appeared on this film is a bird. I wonder is that a crow-tit? It looks really similar with crow-tit, tho. Just like what I said before, I have no idea whats the role of every animal here.

Source: YouTube/BigHit

Next to the important part of this video. Of course it's about how Taehyun hold his flower. From the beginning, I think the camera is focused on Taehyun's eye, specifically the left one. So, you can guess that Taheyun cover his eye with the flower. The meaning behind of it could be related to MV Nap of a Star.

The last part of this video is of course the morse code. Well, fortunately, I could decipher it very quickly. Yeah, there is no mistake whatsoever when I try to decipher this morse code.

The morse code that I've succeeded to decipher is:


This code mean clue. So, if I combine all of the codes, it will be, Tomorrow, secret, hope, promise, clue. Whoa, it's indeed there is no sentence here. What's actually the meaning behind these code? I don't have any idea, tho. If I remember correctly, I think there is no element in the MV that will be related to this five codes. Smh. 

Taehyung use the flower to cover his left eye. Source: YouTube/BigHit

I've ever said that TXT Universe is really surreal. So, the fantasy vibe will be very strong, I supposed. I don't know if I could following the storyline or not, but still I want do my best for it.

All right. That's all my discussion about the last movie from the Questioning Film series. I'll be back with the review of MV Nap of a Star later.



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