I Need You Vibe but with Happy Ending - BTS (방탄소년단) 'Stay Gold' MV Review

Monday, June 29, 2020

Stay Gold. Source: YouTube/Big Hit

On 26th June 2020, BTS has released their newest MV for their Japanese album, which is Stay Gold. After I watched the MV, I really want to make a review for this MV. After I watched again and tried to analyze it--not as detailed as the other ARMY, I supposed, I will try to share my thinking regarding Stay Gold here. 

The Song

At first, Stay Gold song has released one week before if i am not mistaken. I have listened the song via Spotify. You can try to listen it here.

At first, from what I listen and read through the lyrics, I believe that this song is for ARMY. Well, in the chorus, BTS emphasizes how someone should stay gold even though its in a dream. It's like how dark and painful the world is, we should always try to get up and stay strong. 

If we connect the content of the song to the MV, I think we could see clearly how this song will be related to ARMY.

The full lyrics could be read here. I take the full-translation lyrics from Bangtan Subs.

It reminds me of I Need You MV

When I watched the MV, I can feel the I Need You vibe from Stay Gold. Either it's because I just watched I Need You MV again before watch Stay Gold, or it's just because the ambiance is very similar to I Need You. But, the main concept is the same.

In Stay Gold, all of the boys is alone in their room. The looks so depressed and lonely. But, when they are together, we can see they will full of happiness. Even though it has I Need You vibe, I could see the different between I Need You and Stay Gold. 

In I Need You, we can see that all of the boys are torn apart. The happy moment is in the past. It's not the future. In Stay Gold, that happy moment is the ending of the boys' misery.

Reference from the old MV?

Even though I said that Stay Gold gives me I Need You vibe, I noticed that most of the scene at Stay Gold is resembled to so many scene from the other MV. But, most of the scene in my opinion is resembled to Fake Love. 

As I said before, Stay Gold MV begins with a scene for every member in separate room. All of them looks very lonely and sad.

The first member that appeared is Jungkook. He walked through a corridor that of course very resembles to Fake Love scene. Here is the scene that I think very similar between Stay Gold and Fake Love.

Corridor at Stay Gold.
Corridor at Fake Love.

After walking through the corridor, then Jungkook tried to look something from the window. I don't know why, but it remind me of when Jin want to close the curtain in the Fake Love MV Extended version.

Jungkook open the curtain at Stay Gold.
Jin close the curtain at Fake Love.

In the next scene, we can see Suga who sat in the middle of the room, alone. Ahh, I forget to mention. From this scene, we can see that the house where the boys stay is like has been destroyed. A lot of broken things scattered all around the floor, every corner of the room is very dirty and dark. I wonder what's the exact meaning behind of this house. 

Then, back to Suga's scene, I think this scene is similar to the similar scene at Fake Love.

Suga sat down in his room alone at Stay Gold.
Suga sat down in his room alone at Fake Love.

After Suga, we can see Jin lay on the bed, just like what V did on On Stage: Prologue and Euphoria. In this point, I am starting to questioning, why Jin who lied there?

Jin laying down on the bed at Stay Gold.
V laying down on the bed at On Stage: Prologue

The other scene is very vague for me. I mean, I don't think there is a direct reference for RM, Jimin, V, and J-Hope scene.

But, somehow the ambiance from RM's scene makes me remember about Fake Love teaser, especially the Magic Shop part. 

Then, about Jimin's, I don't have much clue. If we talked about a bus scene, as long as I remember, the bus scene only appeared on Love Yourself Highlight Reels. Then, about how Jimin looks so uncomfortable when laying down, it reminds me of when Jin struggle with his ability to time travel in most of MV and short films.

RM scene at Stay Gold.
Jimin scene at Stay Gold.

After that, we can see V and J-Hope on different room. For this, we can see V sat down in front of the fireplace and surrounded by a lot of books. At the other hand, we can see J-Hope who sat on the kitchen. I don't have any idea which scene that resembles from those two scene.

But, if I am being honest, V's scene reminds me of his scene on Fire. Yeah, when he played the video game. It's a little bit similar but with different emotion. Then, about J-Hope and the kitchen scene, I don't think there is a kitchen scene aside from Blood, Sweat, and Tears Japanese Version. 

V in front of the fireplace at Stay Gold.
J-Hope in the kitchen at Stay Gold.

When all of the boys feel very hopeless, finally a golden sparkle appear and lead the boys to leave their room. After that, we can see the important scene from the whole MV, which is the lake of paradise. I don't know how to name that place, but it looks like a meadow in the heaven.

For me, this scene is of course reminds me of Spring Day. It's like a reminder about how every winter will pass and the spring day will come. I mean, it will be very related to the MV. 

The lake of paradise at Stay Gold.
The spring tree at Spring Day.

Why I named it as the lake of paradise, it's because of the lyrics itself. I take the translation lyrics from Bangtan Subs.

Just close your eyes 

Don’t say anything 

I’ll steal your heart 

Just like magic

I’ll show you what a miracle is (Yeah) 

Reach out that hand

This verse definitely talk about magic and miracle, which is could be relate to heaven. Just like at We are Bulletproof: The Eternal lyrics, "We got to heaven". 

Because in the beginning of this MV I said that this song is dedicated to ARMY. So, I believe that golden sparkle will lead BTS to ARMY. You can see there are a lot f purple flower there. I don't know whether the sparkle itself represented ARMY or not, but whatever it is, that sparkle lift up BTS from the darkest place.


Even though this MV is noat part of Bangtan Universe, I believe there are a lot of reference from the old MV. Then, I believe too that there are a lot of hidden meaning for every scene. Even though I said that this MV has I Need You vibe but with happy ending, I ain't 100% sure, tho. I assumed that it has happy ending because the golden sparkle can going through all over the place in that crumble house.

Morever, there is a scene when V touch the tree in the lake of paradise and the golden sparkle started to spread everywhere. Therefore, I come into conclusion that this MV has a happy ending.

Well, because I haven't being a dedicated ARMY who can decipher all of the scene from the MV, I just can share what I saw and what I feel when watch it. But, maybe you have another perspective regarding this MV? Lemme know about it.



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