Weekend Readaway #1 Introduction and Hullo!

Sunday, March 01, 2020

Weekend Readaway is an original feature/weekly meme created by Zis from Your Clarity's Story and Ra from here at The Red Glow of the Dawn. It will be a place for you to share your experience from your currently-reading book. Please enjoy joining us and share your thought.


Hullo, guys!

Welcome to my new project--okay, actually this is me and my friend's project. After discussing a lot, finally, we decided to make another weekly book meme called Weekend Readaway. So, what's the content would be? Yep, in Weekend Readaway, you just have to share your currently-reading book and tell us your experience when reading it. It should be easy, right?

So, lemme share my currently-reading book for this first Weekend Readaway.

1. The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath

All right. To be honest, I got this book from my lecturer. It was from my first consultation for my final project in college. She suddenly gave me this book and said, "this book is on your reading list, right?". I just can freeze back then. I didn't know what to say. I mean, this book is from my lecturer! Someone you never thought would give some attention to your reading list. 
So, after two years, finally, I decided to read this book. I know that this book has a dark story. Moreover, many people assumed that this is the real story from Sylvia Plath. Well, I tried to read it so many times, but I just couldn't engage with the story. Hence when I have the interest to read this book again, I immediately open the book and start to read.
For now, I reached page 200+. I wanna finish it soon, tho. I want to know how's Esther life would be in the end. Wish me luck.
2. The Railway Children - E. Nesbit

First of all, the reason why this book landed in my currently reading list because I need a book to complete one of the categories from Balabala Reading Challenge 2020. It was "book with title starts with R". So, I asked a recommendation from Twitter and Mbak Bzee recommended me this children book.
As someone who is easily captivated with children book, I decided to choose this book. I've just downloaded at Gramedia Digital and start to read until page 30. Then, I got a lot of distraction from some manga that I read like The Promised Neverland and Perfect Girl Evolution. So, after all, this The Railway Children still on my list for this week.
That's all for my first Weekend Readaway. What about you, guys? Do you have fun experience regarding your currently-reading book? Just share what's your thinking through this book meme.
Puji P. Rahayu

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