The War I Finally Won: Still Sweet Like The First Book

Thursday, January 16, 2020

The War I Finally Won
You can know things all you like, and someday you might believe them.

The War I Finally Won. Sumber:
Title: The War I Finally Won
Author: Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
Number of pages: 387 pages
Series: The War That Saved My Life #2
Date of Published: October 3rd, 2017
Publisher: Dial Books

Ada and her younger brother, Jamie, now have a permanent home with their loving legal guardian, Susan Smith. Although Jamie adapts more easily, Ada still struggles with the aftermath of her old life, and how to fit into her new life. 
 World War II continues, and forces the small community to come together and rely on one another. Ada has never been interested in getting to know her friend’s family—especially Maggie’s mother, the formidable Lady Thorton. However, circumstances bring them in close proximity along with other unexpected characters.

Ada comes face to face with another German! This time she isn’t sure what she should do. How can she help the ones she loves and keep them safe?

This second book is still about Ada. Ada and her brother, Jamie. Ada and her legal guardian--now, as of her mam has death, Susan. Ada and her first friend ever, Maggie. Ada and her favorite horse, Butter. Ada and the World War II. Yeah, there's no much change in this second book. This book is slightly thicker than the first one but still have the first book's ambiance.

More complicated story

If the first book mostly talk about how Ada can survive the war inside herself, for now the conflict is more complicated. One of them is about how Ada has to deal with another person around her. Moreover with someone that she barely know like Lady Thorton. After the war in Britain that made Ada's mam dead, Ada and Jamie back to live with Susan. Susan assured both of them that she would take care Ada and Jamie no matter what happen. Therefore, Susan fought for Ada's foot operation. Yeah, this book is opened with the decision of Susan to operate Ada's foot.

"Religious beliefs are complicated. You can’t call someone else’s religion a mistake. There isn’t a right and a wrong. There are just different ways of thinking.” - Susan.

So, Ada now was no longer crippled. After the recovery, Ada could walk easily and did everything that couldn't she did when she still crippled. Ada started to ride Butter and help Fred--the horse keeper in the Thorton house, worked at stable. Ada felt that all of those experience were amazing. Moreover, she could stand by her own foot. She didn't need any help anymore.

But, now Ada has to face another challenge in her life. Start from Lady Thorton's decision to live at Ada's cottage, Maggie that couldn't get home easily from school, until the arrival of Ruth, a Germany girl that should be a suspicious person. So, how Ada could handle this condition? Could she survive again like before?

War was as complicated as religion, when you started to think about it - Ada.

Ada's reflection

Sumber:, edited by me

Well, if I ever said that Ada was annoying, I assured you that in this book she still stubborn. She still couldn't accept the fact there were a lot of people around her that love her. Even, accepted her just like what she were. She couldn't believe if Susan could be her mam and if Lady Thorton was soft.

Words could be dangerous, as destructive as bombs. - Ada
“Love isn’t as rare as you think it is, Ada. You can love all sorts of people, in all sorts of ways. Nor is love in any way dangerous." -- Susan 

Even though Ada was stubborn, somehow I could understand the reason behind of it. After all, Ada had succeed to change her way of thinking, behavior, and all. So, I appreciated Bradley for making Ada still lovable. One thing for sure, Ada was really a definition of a brave girl. You should took an example from her.

From all of the parts, I should admit that some part is bothering me. Yeah, I think, in the last part, Bradley is too much rushing the ending. So, most of the important part, in my opinion, hasn't explained yet. One of them is about the relationship between Susan and Becky. I had assumption back then about their relationship, but seems like Bradley won't go any further to explain it. In another hand, I like the author's not part very much. At least, finally I know what work that Lord Thorton did together with Ruth and Ruth's father. No one would expect it will related to Enigma, right?


"Better to be miserable together than miserable apart. I suppose.”-- Ruth

Even though there are some part that couldn't make me satisfied, I still can feel the sweet part of this book. I like this book as much as the first one. So, you should still to read because you will know how Ada's life continue after the war that saved her life.

4 out of 5 stars for the author's not part. Hoho.

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