Hai, 2020!

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

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Hello, my fellow reader!

Once again, I have to admit that I rarely post anything in my blog on 2019. After I do some reflection, finally I realize the reason behind of it because I don't have a proper laptop back then. But for now, because I finally get a chance to have a new laptop, I would like to encourage myself to read more and review more.

So, my journey for blogging and book reviewing will back again.

Anyway, me and my friend have an idea to make a reading challenge. For now, the list still on the way--I'll update it later. Then, I want to try to do 2020 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge. Here is the full list of the challenge:

I hope in 2020 I become a better person. I want my habit back. Yeah, it's for reading and making a book review. Hope so I can be consistent.

Anyway, thank you for keep visiting my blog. It's just an amazing things when I realized that there's still someone who accidentally landed on my blog.

All right, then. See ya in another post.

Puji P. Rahayu

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