Book Review: The Book of Forbidden Feelings - Lala Bohang

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Book of Forbidden Feelings
"100 years of airplane mode."

by Lala Bohang

3 out of 5 stars

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Title: The Book of Forbidden Feelings
Author: Lala Bohang
Layout: Natasha Tontey
Editor: Siska Yuanita
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
ISBN: 978-602-03-3189-8
Reading via Gramedia Digital

I wanted to say, "I would love to know your obsessions, Is it landed house, gadgets, power, domestic life, succulent plants, achievements, money, work, more likes and followers, health, validations, sex, organic food, pets, perfect selfies, children, sports, religion, relationship, minimalism, perfection, muscles, urban toys, shoes, traveling, or fame?" but nobody is prepared for that kind of question on a first date. 
So I said, "You look great."

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It's been a while since the last I read a poem book. Ehm, actually, I don't know how to call this kind of book. You know, it's not literally a novel.. but it's not a collection of poetry too. Ah, I know! Let's call this kind of book as an illustration book. Wait... Graphic Novel, I supposed.

"Self destruction also plays an important role as a self medicine."
Right, then, the last time I read graphic novel is when I read Story for Rainy Days by Naela Ali. Now, I read another graphic novel that written by Lala Bohang. Well, actually, I know about this book since a long time ago. But, me being me. I am literally lazy to read. Even, I have to admit that I got a reading slump.. and also blogging slump. My bad for this. I am trying, tho. But, in the end, not as good as I expected before. So, here is my story about Lala Bohang, The Book of Forbidden Feelings.
The Book of Forbidden Feeling -- Lala Bohang.

Well, to be honest, I don't really pay attention about what this book talking about. I know that Lala Bohang tried to tell us about love, life, passion, and other feeling through her writing and drawing. Okay, I got a mixed feeling when I read it. In some parts, I could relate with the so-called quote. Sadly, in another parts, I was like... hmm... questioning? What she want to talk about. But, let it be, in my opinion. I know that I ain't someone who can understands something so easily. I know that I need a time to really feel  the story. Oh, well, even though that in some parts I didn't get it, I still like the way Lala Bohang's writing. The illustration too. It's a good one and I like it. Hmm, I like the cover too. It's simple and attractive. So, it will make anyone curious to buy and read this book, in my humble opinion. I have to admit that I interest to read this book from the cover.

"I'm gonna explode into peaces. This is too much."
Well, if you wanna feel corny, just read this graphic novel. You will know that you have a mixed feeling that really... hmm.. tiring? Maybe. But, wait, I would like to warn you, If you are really that pessimist in life.. hm.. don't dare to read this book.

3 stars for the cute illustration.

Puji P. Rahayu

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