ARC Review: Polar Bear Postman - Seigo Kijima

Friday, November 03, 2017

Polar Bear Postman
This is Milk, the post master at Polar Bear Post Office. He delivers happiness when he delivers the mail.

by Seigo Kijima

4 of 5 stars

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Title: Polar Bear Postman
Author: Seigo Kijima
Genre: Children's fiction, illustration book
Publisher: Museyon
Date of publish: November, 1st 2017
Number of pages: 32 pages
ISBN: 9781940842219
I got this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Milk is the polar bear postmaster of the forest. One day he receives a card that says “Please help!” It is from a red-crested crane couple whose chick has gone missing. Spring gives way to summer and Milk receives another post card—this time from a red-crested crane couple who live in another district telling him that they have been taking care of a lost crane chick and asking for help in finding its family. Milk is modeled on an actual polar bear living in the Kushiro Zoo in Hokkaido, who is so adept at walking erect on his two hind legs that visitors say he looks like a person in a bear suit. The bear is joined in this amusing story by a variety of animal species native to Hokkaido

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Like I said before, I really like to read children's book. Why? Because, the book itself is cute and heartwarming. So does this book. Polar Bear Postman is an illustration book by Seigo Kijima. When I read this book, I started to fall in love with the illustrations. In my opinion, it looks like oil painting and of course, it was really good.

First excerpt.
Mr. Milk is a postman at Polar Bear Post Office. He usually works at his office to stamp all of the mail that received by the post office. Then, he would deliver it to every creature in the forest. One day, he got some letter that addressed to him. In that letter, a couple of red-crown crane told him that their baby was missing. Mir Milk knew that this problem was serious. So, he decided to ask every creature in the forest about that little-baby. He was brave enough to ask the fox and the eagle. After that, he asked help from his friend to look for the baby. Finally, some good news came and Mr. Milk succeed help the red-crown crane couple. 

Second excerpt

The story from this book is really simple. That's why I like reading children's book. I don't have to use much effort to finish it. I like the way Seigo Kijima write his work. The bear, Mr Milk, is really cute. Maybe, if I can meet him, I will hug him instantly. Then, the story won't make the reader confuse. The important thing from children's book is the moral value, and I think Kijima could deliver his value through this simple story.

Ahh, I wanna read another children's book again. It really made my day :D

4 stars for the cute bear.

Puji P. Rahayu

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