ARC Review: The Girl Who Said Sorry - Hayoung Yim

Friday, November 03, 2017

The Girl Who Said Sorry
All I can do is be myself. Without apology!

by Hayoung Yim

5 of 5 stars
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Title: The Girl Who Said Sorry
Author: Hayoung Yim
Genre: Children fiction, illustration book
Publisher: Rhyming Reason Books
Date of publish: October 5th 2017
Number of pages: 16 pages
ISBN: 9780993717499
I got this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Too girly or too boyish. Too thin or too fat. Too quiet, too loud. Be ambitious, but don't hurt feelings. Be inquisitive, but don't interrupt. Be outspoken, but don't be bossy. Most of all, be yourself--but be a lady.
What's a girl to do in a world filled with contradicting gender expectations, aside from saying sorry?
The way we teach politeness norms to children is often confusing, changing based on gender--and can have lasting effects. And while everyone should be courteous and accountable for their actions, apologetic language out of context can undermine confidence and perceived capability.
Within the subtle yet beautiful illustrations and powerful rhyme of "The Girl Who Said Sorry," developing girls will learn that self-expression and personal choices can be made without apology, and with confidence.
50% of profits from this book is donated to Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation campaign dedicated to empowering young girls to take action on global issues

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Sorry. I am sorry for can't being perfect. I am sorry for everything I did. I know that everyone don't want me to do that. I am really sorry.

As a girl, you must be realize that the society ask you too much. They want you to be the girl that they want to. They never ask your opinion. They never give you a chance to speak up by your own voice. When we think about this deeply, we should know that everything in this world still into patriarchal system. When woman or girl should act and behave according the traditions. In the end, woman or girl still get the limit to express themshelves.

The excerpt

First, I thought that this The Girl Who Said Sorry was just like another children's book. But, the author, Hayoung Yim, tried to make this book different. She tried to include many moral value about a girl in society. Honestly, I really like the way Yim did what she did. I could relate with the story. The illustrations itself was really simple. But, the meaning behind it was so complicated and of course relate with the real condition in my society.

In essence, one important thing that Yim would to tell to the reader is, no matter what society want to, you should be your own self if you wanna be happy and no need apology for everything that you do.

5 stars for the discourse behind the story. 

Puji P. Rahayu

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