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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Stories for Rainy Days Volume 2
I never feel that I am the one who loves more or he is the one who loves more. Our love is equal.

by Naela Ali

3 of 5 stars
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Title: Story for Rainy Days Volume II
Author: Naela Ali
Date of publish: February, 2017
Designer: Naela Ali
Illustrator: Naela Ali
Editor: Katrine Gabby Kusuma
Publisher: POP
ISBN: 978-602-424-290-9
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It was still raining.
As her cat looked outside
the window where the raindrops
fell on to the monstera leaves,
she put that furry little thing
on her lap and continued
reading the stories.

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Reading the volume II of Story for Rainy Days still make me heartwarming. It was good and also, make me feel sad. Even though for the illustration, I like the first volume, but this book still good. I like the way Naela did her creation. 

Love is not a competition of winning each other's attention. Love is a teamwork.-- pg. 5
You are home to me. A place I will miss when I'm away. A place where I belong.-- pg. 24. 

Actually, I am really wondering, is this book based on Naela's story? Or, this is just her thinking about life and relationship? I have to admit that I am a drama queen. I could sad because of what I read.. I could laugh because of what I a heard. I could angry angry because of what I saw. So, when I can literally cry because of Naela's word, it's just because I couldn't handle to cry.

His body was still with me but his heart had been away for so long that I didn't notice when was the last time I had it in mine.-- pg. 85.

The thing from Naela's work and word are, I could relate in some parts. Like, I wanna scream and say, "this is so me". If I am not mistaken, Naela said that actually November is her month. She is really waiting for November. Then, something happened, so she really hate November. Well, I have the same experience. For me--and for another people, February is really a sweet month. But, something happened and I decided to say that, I hate Valentine. Wait, is this story appear on the first volume? Eugh. Sorry for my mixed-mind. Fyuuh. I just checked and it was true that the story about November is on this volume.

November was my favorite month. The month I was always looking for. But now, November is just another month passing. Nothing special to look forward to.-- pg. 95.
People have their own way of saying goodbye, it might be cruel or it might be so tender that you didn't notice it was a farewell.-- pg. 104. 

Well, most of Naela's word is about relationship. The thing that.. I don't really success of. Lol. Oh, c'mon, Puj. What do you expect from your past relationship? Nothing, right? Just give you more pain, tho. Not pain, actually. Just something that would make you stuck. Stuck to get close with another person. Yeah, could be. I mean, I couldn't really easily to get close with another person. Maybe, it's because of my mind still stuck and think that... relationship just make me hurt. Lol. I still couldn't believe what relationship could affect me after all this time. It's been more than five years but I still hesitate to get another story of my own relationship.

I think love is no different than cactus. Everybody knows that it's going to hurt if you touch them, but you touch it anyway. -- pg. 143.
Maybe we will meet again, in the older version of us. That day we will be ready for each other. Not right now, when we are so destructive, killing each other with our own egos. One day, I will be right for you and you will be right for me. Not today, but someday. Eventually. -- pg. 163. 
Okay, then, in essence, I am falling in love with what Naela Ali's do. She is amazing and has a good talent. I think I wanna know about her latest book. Eugh, actually I am a little bit sad because I couldn't attend her book launching because I was sick :( Right, then.

3 stars for the cat :)

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